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Prophet Of Doom:
Parts Lists

XZ400 (14X) Parts Fiche  Japanese Model in Japanese

XZ550 (11J) Parts Fiche  US 1982 Model

XZ550 (11K) Parts Fiche  US 1983 Model

XZ550 (11V) Parts Fiche  German Low Power Model

XZ550 (11U) Parts Fiche  European Model

XZ550 (16R) Parts Fiche Australasian 1982 Model

XZ550 (28W) Parts Fiche Australasian / Canadian 1983 Model - Serial Number 11J-020101 onwards

Decoding Yamaha Parts Numbers

List of Yamaha Model Codes (CSV)

Service Guides

XZ550 (11J) Intake and Carburetor Modification Kit 1982 Models

XZ550 (11J) Engine Guard Installation

XZ550 (11J) Service Manual

XZ550 (11J) Wiring Diagram in Colour

XZ550 (11K) Fairing Supplement

XZ550 (11K) Supplementary Service Manual

XZ550 (11U, 11V) Comparison

XZ550 (11U) Service Guide Drawings

XZ550 (11U) Service Manual EN,FR,DE

XZ550 (11R) Service Manual EN,FR,SP

XZ400 (14X) Supplementary Service Manual

XZ400 (14X) Wiring Diagram in Colour

XS750 Shaft Drive Service Manual (similar to XZ)

XZ550 Yamaha Technical Service Bulletin T0002

XZ550 Yamaha Technical Service Bulletin T0010

XZ550 Haynes Garage Poster

XZ550 (all models) Haynes Workshop Manual (USA version)

XZ550 (all models) Haynes Workshop Manual (UK/Euro/USA version)

Owners Manuals

(11J) XZ550RJ Owner's Manual

(14X) XZ400 Supplementary Owner's Manual - EN

(16R) XZ550 Owners Manual - EN, FR, SP

(14X) XZ400 Supplementary Owner's Manual - EN

Tarozzi Fork Brace

Brochures, Advertising and Film

Faster and Smoother

Technical Features

Technical Features (2)


Back Page

1983 Red/white

Love Yamaha - 1982 Silver Euro

1982 - Silver Euro

1982 - Euro Stripe Red

1983 XZ550/550S - Canadian Euro Red/White

1982 Euro - Black and White

1982 Euro - Silver

1982 Sales Brochure

1981 Trading Card

1981 Trading Card (2)

Vetter Fairings

1982 Advertisement - Black and White

1982 Print Advertisement - Colour

1982 Brochure

1982 Cycle Canada Advertisement

1983 Advertisement - Red/White

1983 US Brochure

1982 Print Advertisement

1982 Cut-away

1983 Brochure Red/White

1982 Print Advertisement

XZ550R Specifications

XZ550 TV Commercial

Another XZ550 TV Commercial

XZ550 in the movies

The History of Yamaha Technology

0-60 in 5 Minutes

Brochures, Advertising and Film (non English)

XZ550D - Dandyism on the Highway

Yamaha xz550 Verleidet:elegant und sportlich

Die Traum-Vau

Veuer-Werk Ein Vollblut mit V-motor: Yamaha XZ550

XZ550S: zwei Stars ohne Alluren

Yes, Yamaha

Very Important Power

Very Important Power (2)

Yes, Yamaha (2)

Die Traum-Vau

Die Traum-Vau

1982 Brochure

82 Brochure

82 Brochure

82 Brochure

82 Brochure

83 Brochure

Gut in Schale

XZ400 Brochure

XZ400 Brochure

For Visions Only


What's New for 82 - Cycle World January 1982

Yamaha's 550 Vision The Word's Best V-Twin? - Cycle March 1982

Yamaha Vision a Peek into the Future - Autoweek April 1982

New Yamaha XZ550 V-Twin Scores 20/20 - Cycle Canada May 1982 -

Yamah's Dazzing Four-Cam V-Trim - Cycle World May 1982

Four Tickets to Racer Road GPZ550, Suzuki GS550M, Yamaha Vision, Yamaha Seca 550 - Cycle World August 1982

Yamaha Vision: At Last the Modern V-Twin Arrives - Car Craft Sept 1982

Sport Touring On The Yamaha XZ550 Vision - Riser October 1982

Tour Test: Yamaha XZ550RJ Vision - Touring Bike November 1982

Road Test:Yamaha XZ550R Vision - Cycle Guide 1983

A 550cc Performance Dream Based On An Engine Layout As Old As Motorcycling -  Motorcycle Buyer's Guide 1982

The 550 V-Twin Comes into Sharp Focus - Motorcycle Buyer's Guide 1983

Four-baiting V-Twin - Two wheels January 1993

Bjorn Again! Yamaha Remakes the 550 Vision - Motorcyclist February 1983

Yamaha Turbo Seca and Vision - Motor Trend February 1983

Yamaha XZ550RK Vision - Cycle March 1983

Yamaha Vision 550 - Cycle World April 1983

Tour Testing: Yamaha XZ550RK Vision - Rider May 1983

Revision - Rider September 1983

Classic Bike Review: Yamaha Vision - Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly August 1999

Retrospective: Yamaha ZX550R Vision - Rider July 2001

1982 Yamaha Vision - 100 Motorcycles - 100 Years

Cooper's Vision - Cycle News Sept 2012

Impossible Dream - Katakura XZR751G

Requiem for a Vision - Cycle April 1985

Unlikely Relations - Tour Bike Test Aug 1982

Kawasaki's GPZ550 vs Yamaha's XZ550 Vision - Motorcyclist May 1982

Neither Fish Nor Fowl - Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics No 202 Aug 2004

A Pair of Boilers - Bike November 1982

Reviews - Non English

Leser Test XZ550S

Leser testen ihr Motorrad

Neue Gesellschaft

Neue Verpackung

Neue Yamaha Modelle 82

Nimm zwei

Preis Frage

S Klasse

Scharf wie die Klinge des Samurai

Schleuderpreise bei Yamaha

Sie laeuft und laeuft


Top Zuschlag


Variationen zum Thema V

Volles Rohr


Wachstum ohne Grenzen

Weit gefehlt

Zwei Starke gegen vier Schoene

Old Vision Newsletters

RoV Newsletter No1 - Nov 1985

RoV Newsletter No2 - Feb 1986

RoV Newsletter No3 - Mar 1986

RoV Newsletter No4 - Jun 1986

RoV Newsletter No5 - Sep 1986

RoV Newsletter No6 - Dec 1986

RoV Newsletter No7 - Mar 1987

RoV Newsletter No8 - Jun 1987

RoV Newsletter No9 - Sept 1987

RoV Newsletter No10 - Dec 1987

RoV Newsletter No11 - Mar 1988

RoV Newsletter No12 - Jun 1988

RoV Newsletter No14 - Jun 1988

RoV Newsletter No15 - Jun 1988

RoV Newsletter No16 - Jun 1988

RoV Newsletter No17 - Jun 1988

RoV Newsletter No18 - Jun 1988

RoV Newsletter No19 - Feb 1997

RoV Newsletter No20 - Aug 1997

RoV Newsletter No21 - May 1998

RoV Newsletter No22 - Mar 1999

RoV Newsletter No23 - Sept 1999

RoV Newsletter No24

RoV Newsletter No25 - Oct 2000

Hints and Tips

XZ550RJ Performance Troubleshooting

XZ550RJ Performance Troubleshooting (2)

Electrex's Stator / Regulator Fault Finding Chart

Leather's Excellent Ignition FAQ

Mikuni Pocket Tuner

Roro, i'll bookmark this page.
I have to do a reorganization of the DVD too.

Prophet Of Doom:
Just added links for a few more resources that I found out on the interweb.

fret not:
That stuff is not Mac friendly. ???  guess I'll wait til the new CD comes out. ;)

Prophet Of Doom:
Works fine on my Mac using the Google Chrome browser


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