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Started by Re-Vision, July 20, 2012, 12:44:03 AM

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fret not

Nice one RV.  There is no end to the ambition of some sellers it seems ($9xxx.), though from time to time some are also very reasonable .
Retired, on the downhill slide. . . . . . . . still feels like going uphill!


can't help you there.

so what is it that you are trying to do ?

if you type the following into google, you'll usually get some hits:

you can usually count on them being cached and out of date by the second or third page....



I have 3 Visions in need of new homes.  two 82, one 83.  Not running, engines out of frame. Wooster, Ohio. 330-730-9424, or



We have A 1982 vision we're looking to sell , located in Southeast PA , bike is near mint condition, only 5,080 miles, always been shed and living room kept....Best offer takes it!...  send email to for pics... it's red, can't figure how to post pics on forum

ITS STILL AVAILABLE, just taking up room in the fully enclosed shed under a car cover! 2/3/2022

After almost forty years of ORIGINAL ownership... :'(
My Dad is 85 and I have a young family

These have been our babies and have given us years of joy and fun...
Have been in storage and well maintained

For Sale 2 Visions
82 Grey with original OEM Sports Fairing 10.000 Miles Purchased in California
83 Black with OEM Full Faring with Saddle Hard Bags 20.000 km Purchased in Vancouver BC

Both have not been run for a few years but kept in climate controlled storage
Black INDOORS [Dad's Apartment] and Grey in Garage

Located in Windsor Ontario
Offers Accepted pictures available upon request