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Re: Winter Projects
« Reply #20 on: January 05, 2022, 04:15:33 AM »
Insomnia struck as I was waiting for parts and I thought about building a wiring harness. Never touched one before but the old owner had an extra one so maybe I can label everything first while connected and generate a plan from there?

It's pretty straight forward but gets expensive fast.  Connectors are easy enough to find, but hard to get replacement wires of all the right colours.
Easiest if you stretch the old one out on a large board and hold in place with nails. 

A cheaper option is to replace the connectors, but retain the old wire (which is usually OK other than gooey loom tape and corroded ends). 
If you go down this path Organge Sol / De-solv-it will remove the old loom tape glue off very easily.  Wipe off residue with alcohol before re-taping.  Open up the old crimps with a sharpened screwdriver or similar (carefully so you don't loose any wire), treat with white vinegar and salt solution to remove corrosion then neutralise with a baking soda/water solution.
Recrimp with a good quality ratcheting crimper (don't be tempted to solder wires unless you use NASA certified techniques)
Use loom tape, not insulation tape.

If you don't mind second hand wire, you could try an auto wrecker for a late model wiring loom.  That should give you enough to have nice fresh ends, and you should be able to buy for little more than the cost of the copper.
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Re: Winter Projects
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I would recommend Tesa tape to re-wrap the wire harness.  For oxidation on the connector pins there is a product named "De-Ox It" that is better than using vinegar and neutralizing.  I would not open up the crimp connections and re-crimp because the crimps actually make a mechanical bond with the wire that will get destroyed.  I did the whole harness on an R100RS the way I described, and it came out very nice.  Yes, do avoid solder; I was once a NASA certified solderer.