Great views on a Sierra Nevada ride

Started by VisionMeister, May 16, 2013, 11:34:43 AM

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So Supervision and I decided to ride the passes for the first time this spring. Our friend Dwight got motivated and refitted his fairing with a jury rigged windscreen to join us. I had to ride the Duc since my Vison dropped a valve.
The pics are from a turnout off of Hwy 4 about 4 miles east of Alpine Lake, looking south.
The ridge in the distance has some volcanic plugs called the Dardenelles, that look down on the canyon that Hwy 108 (Sonora Pass) goes through. This was our return route.
We each rode about 320 miles to make this loop. It makes for a great spring ritual.


  Markleevile Ca.  was one of our fuel stops and as usual it was populated with motorbikes, we shot the breeze with those in their.  Leaving there we took hwy89 Moniter Pass out to hwy395. It was blowing like hell, and it was a test of endurance to make it down to the east end of hwy108.  We split up at Kennedy Meadows were I took another break for lunch. It was cool enough up at elevation that I welcomed the warmth returning into the central valley.  Nice riding with old friends.   
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The view looks spectacular up there!

Down here in Arizona's Valley of the Sun it's hard to keep in mind that some places still have chilly weather and even snow blanketed around. We're starting to see sweating weather now, but I think we've still got a little time before the oven really cranks up. I hope to get in a couple good rides before it does.

Seeing photos/reports like this of nice day trips just makes me grin...I can't wait to take my bike out for a good road trip over a weekend. Gonna look for a nice luggage rack that will adapt to the Vision and load her up with some camping gear, just get lost for a couple days.
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I've only ridden in Arizona once and that was a Vision get together sponsored by Rick G at Kingman. We rode alot of straight highway to get to some very nice mountain roads in the Prescott
area. It gets much cooler as you gain elevation and get into the forested mountains.
I've used Eclipse soft luggage for long trip for many years. I've made some small brackets to relocate my turnsignals back about 4". I put duct tape on the trim strips on the seat base to protect them from abrasion. Once the bags are on, it creates a nice wide base for strapping on a tent or rolled bag.


Very nice!  Got to see Dwight's Vision too. 


Nice photos.   I haven't made it to the Sierras yet this year. 

... I'm feeling the need to get there soon.