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weekend ride to get parts

Started by dingleberry, December 03, 2013, 04:16:59 AM

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I'm away this weekend to Dunedin (about 500km) to pick up some parts for my XJ650/750. Looking forward to getting away from family (yes, I'm a mean bugger) and doing the burkes pass and danseys pass road. It's all gravel and I will not see another road user for nearly 200km. Just me, the bike (BMW1150gs), flask of coffee and a large quantity of bacon sandwiches. I will take some photos along the way to post here. 
You like, oui?


That sounds awesome and I look forward to the pics!  :)
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The Prophet of Doom

Bloody strange way of getting to Dunedin. 

I was nearby there once -  I went to St Bathens over the "road" from Lindis pass.   I got a bit nervous when the road turned into a sloped sheet of slippery rock with a 4000m drop on one side and my car started travelling sideways towards it.

Have fun, everything is better with bacon :-)


So I started out on a windy but pleasant Saturday morning. Rode for a few hours from Oxford to Fairlie then up the road a bit to Burkes Pass where I turned off onto the deserted and gravel road of the Mackenzie Pass. After a few kms of this I stopped for a photo and happened (luckily) to notice my back tyre was split between the tread the whole circumference of the tyre!  No bike shops that I know of would be open on a Sat arvo except back close to home. So I turned around and rode carefully home and made it without incident Parts still need collecting from Dunedin so was pretty dissappointed.
You like, oui?

fret not

That looks ready for a change anyway.  Not much tread left.
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Nice photo.., Looks like a beautiful place to ride!