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Supervision crash

Started by VisionMeister, June 30, 2014, 11:04:30 AM

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I wanted to let all who know Dave Nelson "Supervision" that he had a collision with a deer on Highway 49 (California's Dragon) Saturday.
He has some broken ribs and a collapsed lung and is in intensive care at Memorial Hospital in Modesto.
He is expected to be OK and was almost discharged from the hospital in Mariposa before he started having difficulty breathing. At that point he was transferred to Memorial.
SuperV is an excellent rider. Apparently the deer came out of nowhere, as they usually do in accidents such as this. It was a fairly low speed (45mph est) accident but that's enough to do the damage.
He was riding a brand new FZ7 he had just purchased about 10 days prior.
He was riding alone and was discovered in the road by a car with a nurse passenger so he had good attention.
I was roomates with SuperV when we were single dudes and have ridden Hwy 49 for 44 years now. I have never seen a deer in this area of the highway, which is mainly chaparral brush and no water. I think that maybe it is the California drought situation that was making the deer move to lower elevation in search of water.
I'm sure we are all sympathetic when a fellow rider goes down.
Be careful out there and ride with a partner.


Really bummed to hear about Nelson's encounter with an animal in the road. Dave is indeed an excellent rider, but this can happen to anyone. Good advice about not riding alone, the time spent lying on the ground can be a major factor in survival. Emergency medical people refer to the first hour after an accident as the "Golden Hour"as your chances for survival are greatest if you are treated then.
We're pulling for Dave and hoping for a speedy and total recovery. Hang in there Buddy.

fret not

I don't believe I've met Dave Nelson but I sympathize with him and hope for a speedy recovery.  I know how painful broken ribs can be.

I started riding HWY 49 in '63, though a bit farther north as I was living in Auburn then, Grass Valley now.  We live in a rural setting and can vouch for more deer lately.  For the past 30 some years we very seldom got a glimpse of a buck but for the past couple years they are more common, and more does too.  They aren't too smart about moving vehicles sometimes, so you have to be alert at all times.

Be careful out there.
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Wow, very sorry to hear that. I had a cycle accident with (amongst other things) broken ribs and it is very uncomfortable to say the least. I had no lung involvement so I can only imagine that part...

Please pass along my wishes for a fast recovery.

BTW, the FZ07 is available now?
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I talked to Barbara Nelson last night and the doctor said David would probably be out in 2-3 more days. No broken vertebrae, only the  ribs. They do have a neck brace on him.

He was very nappy to get a new FZ07 at Modesto Yamaha. I haven't heard of the condition of the bike but think it will probably be salvageable since the impact was relatively low speed. I rode with him last Tuesday and the bike was quite impressive. It's characteristics would fit a dirt bike style or super-moto type riding. Very powerful and light with great power delivery from 4k rpm.
I had a premonition about it, as new bikes seem to attract mistakes. I didn't think it would attract a deer.


 :o That's a bugger...and on a new ride!!!

Wishing Dave a speedy and full recovery...

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming HOOOOYA lets go again baby !!!!!!

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I wish him a speedy recovery.


 Thanks to everyone for feeling my pain.
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Dave..  Sorry to about your misfortune.. Get well soon!
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Yes Dave, hope you recover completely and quickly. I haven't been here for a while so I wasn't aware.


Dave, sorry to hear about the wreck.  Glad you are ok and back to the ROV community.


Living the dream - I am now a Physician Assistant!!   :-)


Thanks everyone, I'm almost well, more strength, and less pain each day.
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One word Dave,
Glad to hear you are getting better. Not much worse than broken ribs as every movement goes through the torso. Advil has worked wonders for me the several times I have broken my ribs. Everyone is different, but those work best for me. Went from an invalid to almost normal.

Coil Coyle

Glad you're recovering, Dave. I just spent three years limping after a walking speed wrestling match with "The Flying Pig" in the fall of 2011. Pulled my Right hip out of socket while trying to save a washed out front wheel in a clay filled pothole in the driveway of my new rental next to the goat pasture. Did a "Broddy" while holding the Pig up.

If I'd just sat there and fell onto the crash bars I'd have gone to work with a muddy side.

So, I'm in the fourth month of my new Titanium and Plastic Right Hip and ready to get the bikes back up.

I hope to catch Y'all in a ride by Spring.

I'm glad to see that McCoy recovered from the Poodle, too.

Did Kiawrench get his hip yet?