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Parts bike in Minneapolis MN
« on: March 10, 2017, 01:19:00 PM »
Hello all,
My Visions have been gone for awhile, but I'm still active in old motorcycle circles online.

Went to look at a parts XS off CL yesterday, seller had a couple other parts bikes around that he'd like to get rid of. I took a couple pictures and told him I'd put them on some forums.

The Vision looks like an 82 to me, mostly complete, with just under 30k miles.

Appears to be missing turn signals, battery and cover, lower seat cover plastics, and headlight bulb.

Key for tank was in it, looks really rusty inside, alas.

Original ad:

My flickr pics:

There's a CX500, CB125T, and a Magna? also, as well as the XS500 that I'm eying up. He's probably willing to pay ball on price, as $300 might be a tad high. He's "externally motivated" to get them gone.

Alright, have fun out there,