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First Spring Ride

Started by Bill, March 27, 2015, 08:35:33 PM

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It's spring here in Central Washington and we set a new record high temp of around 80 Degrees F.  Off work today so I had a good day and reason to break out the V and shake it loose.  I have rode it at least once every month of the past year.  It didn't want to start so after a little cranking, a little rest and reflection time, it fired up and ran fine.  Rode it 30 miles on the twisty back roads in the valley I live in and everything feels fine.  Looking forward to a great summer of riding.


Nice!  :) I'm a little jealous but will get my first ride I soon hopefully. We're still below average temperature and had a snow for the first day of spring as well. I've got a few projects to complete but hope to have the V ready to go for an event April 9th.
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I did the first "real" ride of the year yesterday. (I took her to the gas station to freshen things up on a freak warm day about a month ago)

4 friends and I rode to a local distillery that's about an hour away. Nice weather, lots of other bikes on the road. Great to be back up on two wheels again. A nice way to spend Easter Sunday.

The gravel and sand is still all over. Watch out for the marbles.