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1982 Visions for sale
« on: July 03, 2015, 12:47:30 PM »
Well guys, I have spent way too much time on these bikes, and have yet to get it certified and running.  My loss is your gain.  Tiger did a bunch of work on the one bike, and I have 2 parts bikes if you want it all.  The one is mostly stripped, but everything is there.  Have the ownership for the one that I was working on.  The one that Tiger worked on has:

- new fork seals (read Tiger rebuilt forks!)
- new head bearings
- new front brakes
- cleaned and readied carb
- MAC 2 in 1 exhaust (spare mufflers with no header pipe)
- seat has been redone - its in great shape
- new battery last year (fully charged)
- the short windscreen
- engine guards

For those in the know, when Tiger works on a bike he does it up right.  It was running, but stopped.  We did a motor swap from one of the parts bikes since we knew there was a bearing problem, but I think the clutch is stuck.  As much as I want this bike to run, I just don't have the time or patience any longer. 

From the three bikes, you should be able to build one good bike and have some excellent spare parts for the long run.  If you have the patience, all the better.  My lack of time is your gain.

I only have an ownership for the one bike, but I do have a key for a second ignition.  You can get the lock, stock and bundle of parts for $750.  I have well over 1500 in the bike (purchase price, plus Tiger time, plus other various and sundry parts). 

As an FYI - not really looking to negotiate a lot on the price.  I know its a little high, but I also know the work and effort that Tiger put into the bike, and know that this could be a good runner with a little bit of elbow grease.  Tires are in good shape, and not Chinese crap.

I really hate to sell the bike because it has become a mission of sorts for me, but no time.
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