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FS: 2 82 Visions in Texas

Started by Kiwi, August 07, 2015, 11:27:35 AM

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Ok, i am selling my two 82 Visions. 
Lets call them A and B
Bike A- 82 Vision with the newer airbox.
I have had since some time in 2009.  I have bonded title in my name.  Current Odometer says 37,000 on it, but i replaced the original non working Odo with a working higher mileage one.  best guess is 20-30k on the bike. I commuted on this bike for a few years, and then ended up putting it up in the Garage.
Last time i had the bike running was in 2013, but something is wrong with the charging system.  It will not charge the battery.
Tires were purchased some time in 2009.  I know the rear did get a flat and now has a tube installed.
Front brake probably needs rebuilding.
Paint work is spray paint. ( except frame paint is original)
Seat is in great condition.
Gas tank does not leak, but it has been welded to make repairs.  Also has some dents.
Carbs were clean, but have sat for some time.
I adjusted the valves at some point (2012 maybe? ).
Exhaust should be in good condition, chrome is ok ( has some pitting)
I have done a lot of work on the bike, most of it documented on this forum, but it definitely needs work to be road worthy again.
Here are some pics : ( please note the 2 outdoor pictures are from when i was using the bike alot, taken around 2013 i think )

Bike B
82 Vision - No title.  I purchased it as a parts bike.  The previous owner did offer to send me the title some months later... i never pursued it.
The bike will turn over.  Other than that what you see is what you get.  Should be good to scavenge parts from.

Miscellaneous Parts :  (including carbs for bike B)

I am happy to take any additional photo's requested.

I also have a seat, re-covered ( by me ) that looks pretty good.  Probably some other small bits and pieces, which i will post as i find them

I was hoping to get $500 for the lot, O.B.O  Pick up only in Little Elm , TX.

I will consider parting out, if no offers are made for the lot.


US 82 XZ550 with the flapper Airbox


Or Best Offer - I would prefer to sell to members of this forum.
Don't make me Craigs list them !
US 82 XZ550 with the flapper Airbox


US 82 XZ550 with the flapper Airbox