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Jet and drain aluminum "seals"

Started by Lucky, November 14, 2015, 10:43:42 AM

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So I've always disliked the aluminum washers that are intended to act as seals for the carb drains and jet cover bolts.
Mine have always seeped, making the carb look like shit soon after a cleaning, but the bigger complaint is that they require more torque to seal, making the possibility of striping the heads upon removal greater, especially with the slotted ones over the pilots.

I could cut some out of gasket material and coat them with rtv, but that's tedious and I can be lazy..

Have any of you found a decent, off the shelf replacement? Preferably not aluminum.

The bikes been in storage almost two years, I'm just getting back to cleaning her up, and all the carb fasteners will be replaced with stainless. A dab of neversieze should stop any galvanic corrosion
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fret not

From looking at the McMaster-Carr Industrial Supply online catalog they offer "rubber" sealing washers of various materials.  Viton, florosilicone, and aramid Buna-N all take high and low temps.  Not cheap but certainly affordable.  Listed in inch sizes.

I looked under "sealing washers" and sorted down from there.

Those aluminum washers are meant for one time use, then replace with a new one.  I recall brick-red fiber washers for sealing, which should be widely available and cheap. 
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