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Valve adjustment tool wanted

Started by troopintj, January 31, 2016, 07:52:16 AM

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I have my '82 apart and am in need of buying or otherwise obtaining the illusive valve adjustment tool.  If you have one you will sell or rent or lend, email me please.  Thank you in advance!


The Prophet of Doom

I may have some replicas for sale soon.  Keep an eye out for a post.


I have one,  home made but worked great.

Sadly I no longer have the V :(

I have a few shims and a carb boot that seems to be good still.

I will post a pic.

anyone interested ?


I'm interested in the tool, and possibly the shims too.  I don't know what sizes I need yet, but all eight valves will need to be adjusted on my bike.  Price?  Thanks!


Whatever you do, don't ship the shims where they can be felt and mistaken for coins. Thieving bastards at the Post Office took my shims and tool.      BDC



Sorry guys..... Parts sold

Hopefully it makes it to a good home and makes the rounds as needed