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FS: Solid aluminum upper triple clamp and clip-on handlebars

Started by Blake, March 05, 2016, 03:26:48 PM

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For Sale: Aluminum upper triple clamp and clip-on handlebars.


I no longer have a need for these so I might as well unload them to help pay for my front end conversion.

The upper I believe is 6061 Aluminum. I had a machinist friend make this for me at his shop years ago .  It's a solid 1" thick and definitely has some heft to it.  The right side fork is ever-so-slightly-tight....however I always considered that a good thing as this thing doesn't slip when installed. Tap it on with a soft head hammer or or simply pry the clamping part a bit with a screwdriver and it slides nicely.  The triple clamp has some dings on it, and the underside is still the mill finish.  Nothing bad enough that wouldn't allow you to polish these to a mirror finish if you wanted.  I just use a scotch pad to keep the machined finish look.   The four bolt holes are threaded 3/8" and can easily be used to attach handlebar clamps (that was my original plan before the clip-ons) or make a bracket and mount your gauges (that's what I did).  The side clamp bolts are grade-8  5/16" bolts.  I have a lot of high strength SAE bolts around from my drag car build so I used those.  Use your regular triple tree stem bolt on this and it's good to go.

Also comes with the clip-on handlebars.  The clamps themselves are in great condition.  As you'll see in the picture, one of the bars doesn't have the end caps.  I took those off a couple months ago as the bars are filled with silicone to reduce vibrations (It definitely helps) and I was going to run wires through them so I needed to scrape it out.  Just squeeze some more silicone in it, cap it off, and you're good to go again.  As for the brand of the clip-ons, I don't remember specifically the brand, other than they were around $120 or so and not some cheap ebay crap. 

As for how to use them?  I liked the more cafe racer / sportbike leaned over feel, so i mounted the clip-ons below the tree.  You can definitely lower the forks a tad and mount them on top if you like.   I used this setup for a season or two before i took the bike apart.  Never had problems.


Package deal- I'm not going to split these apart.   $120 shipped in the US for both or make me an offer.

Race exhaust and carbs jetted for k&n's (with them) are coming next.
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