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(SOLD) Oil seals for starter motor (SOLD)

Started by VisionSeattle, May 22, 2016, 06:17:17 AM

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Got oil leaks around the starter motor? Well, I have a cure for that. Currently I have 3 oil seals available.

Here's my eBay listing with a description and photos:

eBay listing price is $8 each. For those wishing to buy oil seal(s) direct here on ROV and for a wee bit cheaper, here are some buying options:

3 for $15
2 for $12
1 for $7

Plus shipping, just PM with quantity and your zip code.
PayPal preferred.

By the way, these seals were offered here on ROV a few years ago by a fellow ROV member. He made sort of a special purchase and had to buy a lot of 10 or more if I recall correctly. Anyway, a couple of us bought these extras seals to combat potential leaks around the starter motor.


SOLD all 3 oil seals to Cobol74.  Wow! What a quick sale, in a matter of under 12 hours hours after posting it's ready to ship.


He who hesitates is lost. Besides putting the Tate's compass company out of business,  that saying is true in its original meaning too. I kind of wanted one but had other things to do.
Whale oil beef hooked!


Received Oil Seals in todays mail (05/25/2016) very fast mail service.