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1982 Vision Project/Parts bike

Started by ecow, June 16, 2016, 12:35:26 AM

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I bought this quite a few years ago with out a title non running. Once I got it home I did manage to finally get it to start on ether but the carbs needed rebuilding. Before I got to that project I got an offer I couldn't refuse on another bike so the Vision has been neglected in my barn. This winter the roof gave out and dumped water on the bike  :( The rear wheel now doesn't turn and I suspect the back brake is stuck. When I pull in the clutch there is no difference and the clutch worked great before the extended stay in the barn. I have it listed in my local Craigslist for $200 but am willing to make a much better deal for someone on here. I just can't let it sit in the leaking barn now that I realized what was going on and will have to try again someday when I can afford a running one and have a safe storage place.