Author Topic: Poor young student looking for 28W Float and both needle valve set  (Read 2728 times)


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Hi, I have been struggling so much lately for months trying to find these pars locally but just could not. So I'm turning to my last resource. You guys. If anyone has any of those part for the 28W Xz550 and is willing to donate it to a young poor student looking to get his XZ fixed up, will pay postage, even if I'm not sure how much it'll be to South Africa? Well any help whatsoever will be appreciated.

One float and both needle valve set.

The 28W parts are actually for a XZ400 (14x), the only carburettor I could find in the country was an rare 28W one.. So with all the trouble of getting that to fit in my XZ400 now I am in dire need of that part. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

The reason for not just getting a whole carb is that it would be too expensive for me to afford and seeing as I already payed 90 dollars for that carb, I'm hoping those small parts to ship and to find would be easier. Yamaha has nothing for me as it is too old. Junk yards are saying the bike is very rare and can't help me either.

Dehan Ferreira, South Africa, Western Cape