New Harley Davidson Street Rod

Started by b_racuda, March 18, 2017, 04:54:12 AM

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Oh boy, I just realized that Harley has made good looking bike! I found out from their website that the new model Street Rod 750 (not Street 750) is very different than models before. When this model arrives to a local dealer and the weather becomes warmer then I must go for a test drive. I never before wanted a Harley but this thing has something which makes me want to own one. I can't explain why but it is the first bike in ages that makes me feel this way. Before I have been happy with my Vision and felt that none of the new bikes want me to own them, maybe they are more reliable but they offer nothing more. For me the bike has to be purchased by the feeling, not with the sense. When you buy with the sense it is just getting from place A to place B without enjoying. There has to be something that makes You want to ride somewhere without any better purpose than just riding. Go and visit and listen to that sound also.

Or maybe I am getting old when Harley Davidson seems to be good looking bike :o


Wow... that is rather pretty :)    Chain drive I assume?

Looks like something POD would build :)



It is a sharp bike. It will be interesting to see which of the two models (Street 750/Street Rod) will be sold. The other one has a lower raked and longer styling that appeals to the "traditional" HD fans I suppose.

I think the biggest obstacle to the traditionalists on both examples may be the radiator and conspicuous lack of cylinder fins. HD is only slowly (kicking and screaming) entering into the realm of LC engines with four valve heads. I hope this Street Rod doesn't go the way of mid 2000's Street Rod.

Quote from: fiat-doctor on March 18, 2017, 10:56:59 AM
Wow... that is rather pretty :)    Chain drive I assume?
I think it's belt drive. Harley has been using belts successfully on many models for some time. I think it's a good compromise between shaft and chain.

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Belt drive....  I hadn't thought of that...  that would be great.  I'm not looking at any new bike but that does make it just that much more interesting.

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It looks pretty cool except all that plastic crap makes it look like a reject from the suzuki swift factory.  A little anodised aluminium would have done a lot to improve the looks.

Have you noticed - specs aren't that much better than the 35 year old vision 82 vision with 200 fewer c.c.s.  The vision would have been awesome as a 750.


Agreed on both points. In their defense of utilizing plastic, the 500 and 750cc LC models are aimed at entry level buyers and are made and priced accordingly. I wonder if the intended audience is India and the domestic market was an after thought. BTW, while these models are made in India, the domestic supply is purportedly assembled in KC Missouri.

Regarding the power output, all I can say is they have left themselves some room for growth in subsequent model years. I see they are only single overhead cam which is still a departure for HD. I'm not sure if they are 2 or 4 valve heads - I'm guessing 2? Being over square these engines likely have a very different power delivery compared to the traditional HD layout. Having said that they may have sacrificed high RPM power for midrange grunt.
It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is then to persist in delusion, however satisfying or reassuring.  Carl Sagan

fret not

. . . ."would have been awesome as a 750." . . . .YES!
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