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Is anyone interested in a kit to install FZR 600 carburetors on XZ 550s? These would be a complete kit with carb adaptors, spacers, and cable attachments, using the stock throttle and choke cables. The only fabrication required would be the attachment of the throttle shat extension which will be provided and a small throttle drum modification. I’m trying to gauge interest to figure out how many sets to build to start with. They will come with instructions and jetting information. Tried to post pictures of adaptors but they wouldn’t load.

Prophet Of Doom:
I could be easily persuaded.  My bike has a lot of mods - one more wouldn't do any harm at all.
Any idea on price or timeframes?

That is an excellent idea. I have the carbs on my bike and am really happy with the way it starts and runs but my fabrication skills are limited and I am sure it could be better. Plus one on the kit, without carbs.

I'd buy one too !

We’re working on the first couple of sets now. When we finish them we’ll see what we have in materials and labor so we can set a price. We won’t be supplying carburetors, just the kit to install them.  Carbs are easy to get from eBay. More information coming. Looks like we could sell some of these. These carburetors reall improve performance and throttle response.


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