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Hi Guys...
I hope that you are all safe, well and enjoying the summer riding ;D

After many years with Yamaha, I decided to go in another direction...TRIUMPH!!!

I've picked up a really nice, (no, not a Tiger lol), 2003 Triumph Sprint ST with the 955i, 3 cylinder, water cooled engine. It came with a Sargent seat, matching top/side hard bags, heated grips, lap top computer/soft ware, a Triumph workshop manual as well as a Haynes workshop manual and some spare parts. She recently acquired new brakes back and front, new battery and a new stator!! She passed the safety inspection with no issues...Please see attached picture of my Sprint  8)

p.s...I tried to do a selfie....but couldn't get a decent picture of me without 'that' stupid grin lol

                                8)...TIGER... 8)

fret not:
Hi Tiger!  It is good to see you here.  I had an opportunity to have one of those Sprint ST, and it was a very civilized big motorcycle.  A bit too heavy for me, so I passed on the very attractive deal. 

Beautiful bike there... congratulations!

I'm with Fret about the size.. my biggest bike is the Vision and I worry that one day it
will flatten me in the garage or a parking lot. 

Enjoy the new ride and drop by often

Nice bike Tiger. Go to a moto2 race next year and hear what 30 of your engines sound like at race speed!

fret not:
Hummmmmmmmmm . . . .That would be at Austin TX.  I wonder what the next year's schedule will be.  This year Austin was April 22, shortly after the Argentina race.


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