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Put my Vision away for the winter


After putting the Christmas lights on the house, I took a quick spin down to the gas station for a fill of alcohol-free premium and then put my bike away for the winter.  So ends the most trouble-free season of riding I've had in years.  (I hope I didn't just jinx it.)


Add Sta-Bil.  Run bike to get treated gas into carbs. Stop bike.  Remove vacume line from fuel petcock.  Start bike.  Open carb float bowl drain valves.  Continue to run bike until it dies of fuel starvation.  Close carb float bowl drain valves.  Reattach fuel petcock control vacume.  Turn off key.  Wait for good riding weather.  Ride bike.

Scott, here's to a trouble free 2019 as well!

Thank you, Rikugun.  To you too....



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