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Happy New Year


Hope everyone made it to 2019. Took my new year's day ride earlier. Had to ride my RZ as the Vision isn't with me here. Didn't even get to ride last year, it was freezing cold. 75 out today.

fret not:
Happy New Year Walt, and everybody.  I'll set off in the morning to meet at the Coloma Club on Hwy. 49 in Coloma.  Likely a bit chilly but it should be sunny with dry air for the ride.

Happy new year guys,  backed the vision and the honda out of the garage, put a gallon of 100 low lead  in them and ran them both for about 30 minutes. hope to put more miles on them this year than last.
it was a bit too cold for my taste but, ended up putting 16 miles on the bicycle instead.


Been away for awhile so belated New Year's wishes fellas.  :)


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