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MotoGP 2019

Started by fret not, February 04, 2019, 12:28:04 AM

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fret not

I just read that Zarco turned down a MotoGP ride  :o  with a Ducati satellite team, and will most likely go back to Moto2 with the MarcVDS team. 

Alex Marquez is reported to be part of the factory Honda team.  He is the recent Moto2 World Champion but he ain't his brother, Marc.  I hope Honda doesn't regret putting him on the "A" team.
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Alex tested on the factory RC213V  both days at Valencia. He was not particularly impressive but at this time last year,  neither was Quartararo. Zarco wasn't there as he still does not have a contract. Yamaha said they would be happy to have him as their test rider but he may be able to make more money in Moto2. A 2 yr. old Ducati with Aventia may not be so appealing. Fun fact, everyone's contract is up next year.
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