Well, not exactly a ride but...

Started by Rikugun, February 18, 2019, 11:58:07 AM

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I'd like to say I went for a ride. There have been several unusually warm days where it would have been quite pleasant. Unfortunately, residual crustiness from brine and salt treatments on the roads have left them pretty crusty. Yech.

Whatever vehicle you follow kicks up a toxic dust storm of the stuff you then get to ride in. It gets on you, every fiber of your gear and every nook and cranny of the bike. The insidious part is how it's re-activated with moisture - even humidity in the garage on a rainy day.

What I have done is run the bike up to temperature at least once a month during the winter. The first time was early January and I wish I'd started sooner. Some of it was likely ambient temps but the enrichenener wasn't enough and a few squirts with the throttle were needed. Even after it started it took a while before it was running "normal" - kinda' like the first run of the spring.

Despite fuel treatments and religiously draining the carbs there are plenty of places for residual fuel to linger and turn foul. Subsequent runnings have been easier to start and quicker to achieve an idle and accept throttle properly.

It's not a ride but nice to hear her run just the same. I go through the normal visual preflight checks -  fluid leaks, oil level, etc. Once running I turn the headlight on and check both beams, brake light, turn indicators, horn and run her through the gears and back to neutral. Once the temp gets to about 160 or so I shut her down and drain the carbs. Going through this ritual has made the winter months a little easier to bear but it's not quite the same as a ride of course.

Just a couple more months.......
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