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Foothill ride.

Started by motoracer8, July 31, 2018, 07:35:51 PM

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 Got my relic Vision out of the barn today and went for a 125 mile ride. It was alittle warm and smoky but ok otherwise. I started at Peets coffee shop in El Dorado hills on Latrobe road. After a cup of coffee I went south on Latrobe to Old Sacramento road and went left to Plymouth. Then to Placerville on 49. Now the fun starts. Go under the freeway to Mosquito road. It winds down into the canyon and across a one lane bridge, up the other side with some extremely tight 180 degree switchbacks. Keep your eyes open for cars coming the other way. It's one lane and cars take it all. Then to the little community of Mosquito where there's a little airport for private aircraft. Left at the T, now on Rock creek road. It wanders along the edge of the canyon to Hwy 193, about 15 miles from Placerville to the 193 junction. Right on 193 to Georgetown for a pee stop and some water. I turned left at the Chevron station to Marshal grade road and that takes you back to Hwy49. Decision time, I can go to Cool and take Salmon Falls road back to Folsom. Or continue on 49 to the Auburn Canyon and into Auburn which I did. Through Auburn to Indian Hill road, through Newcastle to Taylor road. Left on Taylor toward Rocklin. Make a left on Old Colony road, Valencia club on the left for those who need a beer by now. I  take some back roads back to Folsom. About 125 miles total, about 3 hours ride time plus a couple stops. Alittle warm and Smokey in the canyons but a nice ride.
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fret not

Nice, Ken.  We are fairly well blessed with a variety of interesting roads here in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains.
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Thanks for the ride report. The smoke in particular must be a bit of a distraction.  One of my brothers and I did similar mileage on Sunday but I doubt we have the scenery you are afforded in your area.
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