Ride in midwest??

Started by mshowe, July 03, 2019, 09:56:41 AM

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I live in NW Iowa.  Let me know if there is a ride anytime in the Midwest "Region".   I never see Visions and wonder if mine is the only one left  :)
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fret not

I think you might be surprised if you could see how many XZ550s there are around.  Most of them are kept rather quiet, aging in back yards, behind sheds, in sheds, out in the weather, under tarps, etc.  I think most of the Visions have been relegated to "junk" status in many minds as they were a bit 'fiddly' to get running reliably.  I recall when they were new that dealers mostly threw up their hands regarding starting and tuning them because they didn't look like what they were used to.  That, and the fact that Japanese electrical systems of the time were not terribly reliable, as evidenced by the fact that everybody was looking for a good reliable stator for just about all the Japanese bikes.  It was a rather common affliction, and could be exacerbated by ignoring regular preventative service schedule.  Justified or not, the XZ550 Vision has a reputation of being a bit difficult to deal with, and the factory has stopped supplying many critical parts.  So, there you are.  We pick it up from here by making improvements to the bike, and offering information and ideas to keep these things going well into the future.
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