June 2020 Yosemite ride

Started by VisionMeister, December 30, 2020, 08:21:00 PM

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I did a solo ride through Yosemite on the second week after it reopened from the Covid shutdown. I received an email stating the opening and made my reservations as they were limiting traffic. Hadn't been to Glacier Point in many years and knowing that a single day round trip was out of the question for me,
I reserved a small cabin at Bucks meadow, about 20 miles from the Park entry. I rode over on Hwy 49 and 120, up Priest Grade, through Groveland, and arrived early enough to take in a little detour to Hetch Hetchy. The next morning I departed early and made one stop at Inspiration Point before reaching Glacier Point. It was beautiful, the air was crisp and cool and there were very few people there. After hanging out for an hour or so I headed back and took the turn at the Hwy 120 junction to go over Tioga Pass. At the top of the pass I ran into a thunder storm and got a little rain and hail. Descending the pass to Hwy 395, I headed north along Mono Lake's West shore. There were puffy clouds reflecting on the lake surface which made it look quite surreal. About 35 miles north I headed over Monitor Pass through Markleville and on over Hwy 88, Carson Pass. I stopped at Caples Lake for a picture as is was beautiful. Another 55 miles home from here.
This loop was 500 miles, over some of the most amazing roads, which I can't do justice to describe here. The California rides will know what I am talking about. I was so glad I bit the bullet to do this. I've run these roads all my life but, haven't been over Tioga since the 80'S. Ya gotta follow your riding dreams while you are still standing.

Coil Coyle


Great you made the trip! Spectacular country! Thanks for the pics.
Don't shoot me, but I gotta ask; Did you run into Sam?
Both Luthers had their dreams,
But I've just got one Vision.
Theirs got them into strifes,
Mine just takes me fishin'.

fret not

Snow falling on those roads these days (winter is here).  If we get a good accumulation of snow in the mountains this winter the Tioga Rd. may not open until mid July, if then.   The government highway crews will keep the main routes open as much as possible, but these "back roads" are less important so they get much less attention ($). 
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