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Tarozzi Fork Braces

Started by VisionAirman, April 13, 2021, 05:43:07 PM

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I have a 1982 Vision and have been able to find a set of Tarozzi fork braces for 115 dollars.  Wondering if this is a good investment as the bike has 3K miles (got it after it had been stored for 20+ yrs).

Thanks for the input.

The Prophet of Doom

Absolutely.  They make a huge difference

3k is pretty young.  Wish they had bikes like that here.  Mine was over 70k


Ordered them from Fast from the Past.

Have all kinds of braces for multiple makes and models.


Quote from: Prophet Of Doom on April 14, 2021, 06:02:13 AM
Absolutely.  They make a huge difference

3k is pretty young.  Wish they had bikes like that here.  Mine was over 70k

I have heard and read conflicting information on the usefulness of the fork braces.  They really make that much difference?

Also, the information that I have seen mentions moving the dust covers at the top of the hydraulic cylinders on the forks before installing the brace.  My Vision has dust seals that do not appear to be moveable, they appear to be part of the top of the shocks.

The Prophet of Doom


Yes.  The Vision very much needs a fork brace.  So much so that the 16R model had an extra stiffener welded under the mudguard as standard.  Not as good as a real one, but I've tried riding with an unmodified mudguard and didn't like it at all.
Have a look on these forums - you won't find many (if any) people with a fork brace that don't recommend them.  Not the least is they really help tame those speed wobbles.  Also recommended are tapered steering head bearings.  I always do both now.

My Tarozzi came with no instructions.  I left my dust covers on.   They don't stick up much and it seems fine, but I can see that an extra mm or so might help.  They come out easy enough but you'll need to drop your forks out to remove them.. Don't cut them off ans they are hard to find.

I didn't like the surface finish of the Tarozzi so powder coated it in satin black.  The Telefix on the other bike has a nicer finish but I don't like quite as much - it's a lot fatter.


I agree with POD almost entirely. I got my Tarozzi's whilst in the States from Fast from the Past. Good company to deal with. I will powder coat mine when I am next having stuff done at my local coater. They are a funny dull dark grey colour.

I am not sure what POD means about the dust covers though. I just slid mine up the forks, installed the fork brace around the top of the  fork tubes and then slid the dust covers back in place to rest on the fork brace. No problems. Did I do something wrong?
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