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Another new guy

Started by NoOdLeLoLz, August 02, 2021, 11:13:38 PM

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Hi all!

New guy from the pacific north west! Just purchased a barn find vision xz550.  I was able to get her started and she ran, but she definitely has issues. I'm not new to 80's yamahas, i've had a couple maxims and a 81 seca 900. However, i am new to the vision, and it seems my first hurdle will be a starter.
1982 "barn find" vision xz550
Seattle, wa

fret not

Well, New Guy, welcome to the journey.  There is a lot of material to sift through that will be very helpful to you that has been posted in these pages.  Just about anything XZ550 related that you might need.  But you will have to go looking.  You can learn a lot by reading old discussions, so pick a topic and have at it.   :police:
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Welcome New Guy. First, the starter. it is probably full of oil and shouldn't be. It is mounted below oil level so a quart or so of oil will run out when you remove it. Do you have a shop manual? They are very helpful. Also, there is lots of useful info on this site. Be patient and good luck. Quick question, is your gas tank rusted? It is becoming a challenge to find a good one.
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