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Merry Christmas

Started by Walt_M., December 25, 2021, 12:30:28 PM

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Hope everyone has had a good Christmas and looking forward to a better new year.
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fret not

CHEERS , Walt, and to all you ROV folks!  Yes, we all can benefit from a new and better year.  I think things are on the positive upturn, and I will help push in that direction.  We all need a nicer and better world, so we need to be nicer and better people.  Wear your mask when you go to town, and wash hands frequently, then hopefully this virus thing can begin to dissipate.  I am greatly thankful to have a roof over my head and dry firewood in the shed.  It is chilly here with rain and wind, and likely to be that way for a while.  We had snow a week or so ago and that toppled several trees near by.  That will fill my wood shed for NEXT winter.  It seems odd that a couple inches of snow can do that, but at this elevation snow is usually wet and heavy, which caused the damage.  Several trees were broken off 14 - 20 feet from the ground, 10 - 16 inch diameter trunks.  Kind of looks like bombs exploded with splintered trunks and uprooted trees.  Mother Nature at work.  Thunder storms and snow predicted for the next couple days here.   :)
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Merry Christmas all and stay safe.  Looking forward to some improvement in 2022!
How did it come to this?