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#8 joins the fleet

Started by The Prophet of Doom, May 13, 2022, 06:44:28 AM

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The Prophet of Doom

Just bought this one sight unseen over the interweb.  From the picture I don't think it's 100% complete :-)
It's a Japanese market XZ400 14X

I wonder what wifey will say when she gets home?

The 400s are a fair bit more common here than the 550s.  47 of them still registered vs 29 550s


It looks like you may have to dip into the parts bin for a few things.
Whale oil beef hooked!

fret not

Even the longest journey begins with but a single step.  The paint on the frame doesn't look bad. (from here) 8)
Retired, on the downhill slide. . . . . . . . still feels like going uphill!