Interesting background while racing a Vision

Started by jefferson, August 19, 2022, 03:47:45 PM

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A friend of mine took this picture when I was racing the Vision at Heartland Park Topeka back around 93 to 95. What makes it really interesting is the signage behind me. I doubt any of you know the significance of the number 13 in the sign in reference to Visions. It happens to be Team Good Times number when they were racing a Vision in the Wera endurance series and took the triple crown championship on it. All in all, pretty neat.



Thanks. I would still like to be doing it. Wouldn't take much to get the bike ready, but Ahrma would be the most likely body to go with and they only hold the one race close which is at Heartland Park. They need to have regional districts in cooperation with other sanctioning bodies in order to not have to travel all over the country.

fret not

Things certainly have changed in 45 years.  There was a lot more MC racing in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Our own Kevin Wells used to report on his HOOLIGAN RACING not all that long ago.  There is usually an AHRMA vintage  race (Vintage Festival) at the Barber Sports Facility in early October.  One of these years . . . .
Retired, on the downhill slide. . . . . . . . still feels like going uphill!


Something I forgot to mention. My plaques from my races in 1984 have the Team Good Times Vision on them. I believe that was system wide with WERA and the plaques that racers had won. I may have to take a picture of one to post here.