Runs (almost) fine in neutral, no power in gear

Started by karmisol, April 12, 2022, 12:11:42 AM

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The Prophet of Doom

Don't underestimate the need to sync the carbs as briandneville mentioned.  Even if it seems to be running, it's pretty much guaranteed a sync will make it run better

fret not

Time to check the Voltage Regulator for proper function.
These are not new bikes, they have significant age on them, so go through all the  wiring connections to make sure they are clean metal, then apply a bit of special dielectric grease made for electrical connections.  This helps prevent further corrosion and continuity issues.
Retired, on the downhill slide. . . . . . . . still feels like going uphill!


Alright. So I'm out of ideas.

I have fixed the charging issue.
I have fixed the issue with RPM increasing by itself
The bike still has no power.

For the power issues I have:
Repaired vacuum leaks using new hosing & new manifolds
Cleaned the carbs and used a refurbish kit for all the jets
Synced the carbs using both vacuum clock & the "fluid in a hose method"
Verified that there is spark on both cylinders

I have two main symptoms:
1. There is no power, I can almost not roll away with the machine even when I rev it up to 4000 RPM on 1st gear.
2. Before the engine heats up it doesn't respond well when giving it gas and dies easily. (Works fine when using the choke though, so I assume this is expected behaviour)

Soon I'll give up.
One very stupid question, while testing last time I had the bike on 'PRI' all the time. Could that also be an issue?

As usual the bike fell. I put the stand on a small dirt patch which apparently didn't have asphalt below. So now the coupling-handle is broken again... Just wanted to share my pain on that one.


More questions for you.  What is your fuel level in the tank when you have the petcock on prime. If there isn't much fuel in the tank then that could be an issue for getting fuel to the carb. I know others have had jets in these refurbish kits not be the correct size or be marked right, but not the right size orifice. This makes you run lean or rich depending on which way it's messed up and it sounds like you are lean. I never had to run mine on choke for any length of time to get it to run right and not being able to take off with 4000 revs on the clock point to that also. Can you pull away with the choke on? Everybody's bike is different I know. One other thing that might be affecting things is something plugging up your exhaust like an old mouse nest or something.


Thanks for a few more things to check!

I'm not able to pull away at any point.

Exhaust issue: I have felt with my hand and it seems like the pressure is even, but I'll use a usb wire camera to check the exhaust
Gas amount: Should not be a problem, but I'll add some more just to be safe
I may take apart the carb once more, I'm not really sure of the order of things, but I think I got the carb refurbish kit as a response to the machine not having power

It seems a long time ago, but I think the issue may have started when I either took apart the carb the first time - or when I dropped the bike.


I kind of doubt that dropping the bike caused this. Stranger things have happened of course, but my money is on the carb. Jets got put in the wrong spot or something isn't assembled right.