any 83 parts stash??

Started by JBEVARDOS, January 25, 2023, 07:50:41 PM

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looking for really anything for my 83 to keep looking--running its best. Carb , faring plastics, tank would be nice , ect....what ya got?
                                                thanks , John in So Cal

fret not

Used original tanks often have rust issues at this age.  The European Ebay often has new old stock tanks.  Getting a bit pricey these days.  There is a discussion from a while back (3 or 4 years?) of making a tank from fiberglas, from making the form, and a mold, and finally the tank. 

'82 and '83 tanks differ in that the '83 has a 'port' for the fuel gauge  that the '82 does not have, so not exactly interchangeable if you are trying to keep things specifically original.
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Yes  , a fiberglass tank would be great!! If only there was enough interest .