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Bikes and parts for anyone who wants them

Started by trialattorney, January 20, 2023, 12:48:46 AM

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I have an 82 full fairing last run maybe 10 years ago; and an 83 I was working on restoring. I have the full fairing for this one as well. Also have an 82 "parts" bike and lots of assorted parts including covers, wheels, forks, tanks, etc.... I am moving and don't have time or energy to try and get the 82 running again and to finish the restoration of the 83. I will gladly give the bikes and all parts to anyone who is willing to come to Sylmar, CA to pick them up  but must take all bikes and all parts. I am leaving the state by January 29, so if no one comes to get them, I will give them to a motorcycle junk yard. Call if interested. Free. (818) 298-3416


I'm hoping someone is close to you and can pick these up and make good use of them. An 83 is an awful good bike so someone needs to get this and get it on the road.

kevin g

Dang, lead me not into temptation.  Arer ther California titles for these machines?