Neglecting my Vision

Started by Walt_M., March 16, 2023, 07:38:53 AM

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Haven't been doing anything with the Vision the last few months. Had some chores to do where she is stored, mowing, picking up oak leaves etc. Anyway, I decided to give her a try. Turned on the key and the fuel pump diddn't fill the carbs, no gas. Put a gallon in and the carbs filled. Choke on and starting cranking. I am immediately concerned as the battery volts dropped below 10. I was about to get the jump box and it popped! Cranked a little more and it started. That is not supposed to happen. Somehow the Shorai battery had the energy to start it. I let it warm up for 20 minutes, wish I had more time to work on it. Have faith people, these things will run.
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It's refreshing to hear a story where a Vision starts when you are pretty sure it won't.
How did it come to this?


I would put that down to the Shorai battery. If they have been sitting awhile they will get stronger after cranking on them for a while. I have been there with a couple of my bikes with Shorai's in them. They initially sound like they aren't going to go and then crank faster with time.


I have to agree about the battery but the dash mounted digital voltmeter was less than 10V when it started. Anyway, that was a positive discovery.
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fret not

Some time ago I read 'directions' for using one of those modern batteries in very cold weather:  turn on the headlight for a couple minutes before trying to start the motor, As this causes the battery to generate a bit of internal heat and makes the chemical reaction a bit more vigorous.
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