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WTB - '82 parts

Started by DeanH, September 06, 2023, 05:42:21 PM

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Looking for a set of wheels, right side mirror and rear brake lever.  Will need full exhaust and the two chrome cooling tubes with good chrome later, but if anyone has them available now, I'm also interested.


fret not

Just looking around and found this thread.  How about replacing the exhaust with a "custom" version like one of the available models?  The big issue is availability of original mufflers etc.  Many have been rusted out and many more have been mashed, dented, and bent.  Nice if you can find one, but there are other worthy systems that you can buy today.  Some spendy but rather nice ones available from Australia (ask POD).  GOOGLE search for XZ550 exhaust system for ideas.
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