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Starting problem

Started by Ron_McCoy, December 19, 2023, 12:04:06 PM

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I was having starting problems, starter seemed to be laboring to crank engine over. I replaced the battery, but I was still not happy with how it started. I checked the resistance of the wire to the starter solenoid and it was 95 ohms, way too high. I jumped from the fuse box to the solenoid, bypassing all the safeties in the system, and it starts at the push of the button. I haven't found the source of the resistance yet, but it's never started like this even when it was new. Just push the stater button and it's running. Something to think about if you're having Vision starting problems.


Are you talking high resistance on the large wire coming from the battery to the solenoid? As long as the solenoid is energized the only way to lessen energy to the starter is with poor connections or cables from the battery to the solenoid and then from there to the starter. It sounds like you're saying the solenoid isn't being energized enough to pass electrical flow to the starter.
First place I would look for a problem would be the side stand switch.

fret not

On one of my Visions I found corrosion in the heavy cable to the starter.  Maybe battery acid oozed/sprayed around at some time?
These bikes are a bit long in the tooth, so there are many things that could be aging / accumulating / happening.  THIS is the meat of the trip/process.  The older it becomes the more Zen.  Not yet the level of archeology, but still requiring some preventive maintenance/coddling/prayers/ and intellectual involvement.
Retired, on the downhill slide. . . . . . . . still feels like going uphill!


The resistance is in the circuit that energizes the solenoid. I've already removed the side stand switch.
I'm thinking that there is so much resistance involved in energizing the starter solenoid that it takes current from the TCI like trying to start with a low battery. It does crank over a little better, but the big improvement is that it starts as soon as it cranks over. The improvement is dramatic.