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flywheel removal

Started by briandneville, March 20, 2023, 10:45:13 AM

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I've wanted to check the starter clutch for loose bolts / anything else as there has been some clunking associated with starter use since I bought my Vision in 2023.

Reading old threads and looking at grainy manual photos I have deduced the following:

-starter clutch is behind flywheel
-gear puller of some type needed to remove flywheel
      -must have 3 machine screws to thread into the back of the flywheel
      -must have center pusher rod to apply pressure to the shaft, removing flywheel by pulling on the three machine screws
      -prepare for the release to be somewhat sudden, and starter clutch parts to fall to floor (use something soft to catch them)
-once starter clutch has been inspected and 'fixed', reassemble using bolt to move flywheel back onto the shaft, position of flywheel determined by shape of shaft so it cannot go on at the wrong rotational position

If any of this sounds wrong I'd appreciate corrections / tips.  This is the first time I've removed the left side engine cover.  Gasket came right off and looks good so think I can re-use it.

I do not know exactly what I am looking for on the starter clutch, other than loose bolts, cracks, wear, so I will probably follow up with more questions.

Thanks for any advice!
How did it come to this?


With the 'puller' in position, ensuring equal tension on the 3 'puller' bolts, tighten up the centre bolt & give it a whack with a hammer...& hopefully the flywheel pops off onto the soft landing you have arranged.  If it does not, tighten the centre bolt a bit more & whack (its very important to have equal tension being applied by the other 3 bolts otherwise the flywheel will not come off because it is on a taper with a woodruff key).

If every thing to do with the starter clutch is ok & its securing bolts have been peened, I'd leave it.  Any problems with the starter clutch, remove, fix problems, re-attach starter clutch to flywheel using 'Loctite' on securing bolts + peen securing bolts.


Hi Brian  , what  bike did you get ?

fret not

When you get to the part where you "give it a whack" use a large hammer and some enthusiasm, as it can require some effort.  When I removed the flywheel on my Vision I was surprised at how much "abuse" it required (a hell of a whack, or several), and how far things flew.  There can be a lot of energy released when it finally releases. 
Look for wear on the rollers as they are the focus of energy when they do their job.  Also on the ramps where the rollers ride.  There should not be any ripples or unevenness of the surfaces.  I had to replace the rollers(ripples) and the body of the starter clutch(cracked). 
Fortunately the starter clutch applies to several other models, so is likely to be available for some years yet.

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I know this thread is a bit dead, but just for anyone in the future having issues removing a flywheel on these bikes;

I discovered the biggest problem with removal, depending on what puller you use, the crank stub actually starts to expand (only a few thou) which makes the flywheel that much harder to get off.

The way I've discovered works every single time, get another bolt the same size as the flywheel bolt.
Make sure it fits through the hole in the flywheel.
Drill a small center mark in the top of the bolt to act as a guide for the puller then tighten into the crank.

Install your 3 bolt puller as normal and this will stop the crank from trying to expand.
This is the method I use now on every flywheel for XZ550 and they all come off like butter.