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« on: September 17, 2002, 06:34:18 PM »
Second day of soaking and there is still junk in the bowl (carbs).  I can't explain it. The outside of the carbs look brand spanking new but the inside has this almost-silica deposit crud.  The mechanic that got her going last year said it was this Wisconsin reformulated gas crap.  Who knows he also screwed me out of another $120.00 bucks because he didn?t check the thermostat of a used replacement housing when my bike took a dump and the brake peddle pierced the side.  Well?do to weak asphalt on its center stand? and well?Crap! Oh well, that?s a whole another story!!  Tomorrow is the true test. I'll put the carbs back together and put the new air filter on ($25.00 filter!!!).  Taking stuff apart is fine but I don?t know about getting her back together.  Playing with 20-year-old toys is scary if you're not an expert!  While going over every thing I noticed she was leaking oil.  I had a bolt head on the lower crankcase snap off (how the hell did that happen?!).  I had to remove my new custom exhaust pipes so I could get to the bolt with the drill.  I removed it with an easy out (easy as pie!) I'll grab a bolt tomorrow to replace that as well and cross my fingers that solves the leak.  I will share more after the re-assembly.  :o

Take care, Bryan    
Seasons almost over.  At least for me here in the frozen tundra! ???