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bike ok,gas tank good, rider broken again

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 ever notice,when bike is doing great, i damage myself? will be off bike for a few days, cut my fingertip off helping a friend set the head on a tractor this morning. (from tip to midway down the nail) guess mother nature thought it needed a trim . docs sewed it back on, but say may not do any good. guess will know in a week or so .
   got my new computer, not as sweet as dell made it out to be,but still better than i had. am off line for a bit, when the finger gets feeling back may not be in mood to type anything .   take care, have fun,, someone take a ride for me this week,,,, make the neighbors mad ,,lol

keep it up buddy, we might be calling you "Blinded Vision" or "Cantholdawrench"...

feel better dumbass!  ;D


Man that stinks! I sure hope you it heals up properly...but look on the bright-side, if you don't regain feeling in the tip, you could always turn it into a cool bar trick...."Bet ya I can stick this pin through my finger without crying"

Yes, I hang out in redneck bars.


--- Quote from: Lucky on August 09, 2006, 06:00:04 PM ---keep it up buddy, we might be calling you "Blinded Vision" or "Cantholdawrench"...

feel better dumbass!  ;D


--- End quote ---


Seriously though, I'm glad you are ok.  My first thought when I saw the post title was that you wrecked. 

Take care and get well soon.


Kia, or should we just call you "DOH!"" ;)
Seriously, I am glad to hear that you are basically ok. One can live without the tip of their finger. My buddy sliced his off nice and neat with a meat slicer in a deli. Now that customer wasn't too happy with the extra slice of meat that she got. LOL! The good news is though that this won't effect you being able to ride once it is healed. So all in all your good to go! Let us know how things progress and if all else fails I like Serendip[ity's idea of a neat bar trick.


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