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Dear Admin.

   Is there a way to remove the B.S. postings and ban that person/company from posting?


Ron may have to do something like in order to register (not post) you have to type in the 'artsy letters & numbers on the background to verify your not a bot...

Night Vision:
ok, who are the 6 that went to the cs&bd gallery? fess up.... I recently hid my email in my profile because I don't need that crap going to my email.

can a bot really get on the forum, create a user name, go to the off topic section and post garbage?

I dunno......   ??? just asking....
is it time to have a nominal subscription fee? I dunno......   ??? just asking....

btw... great timing on that growing larger and staying errect longer joke there Tiger  :D :D I though that was spammy at first  >:(

Yeah, my SPAM on the email I use for this site has jumped out the roof.  Used to get 25 day, now it is 175+ day.  Gmail is very good at filtering it out but its just annoying to have to look through it to make sure something important didn't end up  in mu spam bucket.


::) Something has to be done about this spam count has, like Dave's, spiralled....... :o

Thanks N_V, had a good giggle when I first saw it... ;D ;D ;D ;D :D :D


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