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The Dealer here in Hendersonville

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My rear tire is starting to look pretty worn  so I rode down to the dealership to see what they could do for me.  The guy at the parts counter wanted to charge me $160  for a Avon supervenom  for the rear.  And he was serious....    I thought I'd seen these tires for just over $100  before.  Am I wrong here?

yup,  I paid about $115.00 for mine from Motorcycle superstore and another 20 to have it mounted.  Great tire BTW.  All the "dealers" I called wanted at least 80 to mount and balance.  Specialty shops were much less.  I found out a little later that Dennis Kirk had it for about $100.00.


yeah  Motorplow's supplier has pretty good deals   i've found

The best deals I've found are American Motorcycle Tire & Southwest Moto Tires  Southwest is a little more expensive in original price but shipping on a pair is free.  American has lower initial prices but charge for shipping.  I got my Super Venoms from American for about $190 for both, shipping included.

They both carry all the good brands so you can get exactly what you're looking for & they both ship fairly quickly.  Be prepared to pay a fair bit of hip salad for mounting & balance, though.   ::)  There are ways to get your own mounting & balancing tools for very little money & they work very well.  You can get the balance extremely accurate with a set-up that cost me about $20, including the tape weights.


well  I'm  not  allowed to work on the bike  here at the apartments so  I'll have to  actually  pay someone to do the tire change for me.

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