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Red Dawg's 82 V


Neil "Phatjap's" XZ

Konrad Chmielewski009_th
Konrad Chmielewski005_th
Konrad Chmielewski002_th

Konrad Chmielewski's XZ

Konrad Chmielewski007_th
Konrad Chmielewski001_th
Konrad Chmielewski006_th
Konrad Chmielewski003_th
Konrad Chmielewski004_th

Superfly's 83 Daily driver w/custom supertrapp exhaust

Mike O'Conner's 82 550 "Rally"

Frans Mourmans newly restored 82 XZ550

Burning eyes and Blurred Vision !

Submitted by Sean Clearwater

Yeah Baby, Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Roland Holmstedt's 82 XZ550

83 Vision

Jouni Ulpovaara's custom XZ

Lucky's 82

Here is an autographed picture of Jeff Swan's Vision Racer!

First Place Finisher...  Steve Fahey on a 82 Yamaha Vision photo taken in 1983 Bridgehampton NY

The Vision as a DRAG Bike!

Brian Matheson's cherry 82 Vision

Steve Hirschler's 83

Dave Sulecki's Restoration Project

Rick Greville's 82 and His "Collection"

Franken Vision Owner - Ben Getz

John Clemens' Vision Racer

Will Hillebrenner's photogenic 82

Hank in PA's 83 "refreshed" !

Bryan Wagner and his 82 XZ550

Gert Pettersson's 82

Dan Byers' hybrid 82-83 Vision w/ Yamaha sport fairing.

Ken Barnes Very Clean 82

Ken Stuart's 82 and a Hannigan Fairing

Jason Morris' 83 plus an 82 with a Quicksilver fairing !

Stefan Herwig's 82 (s)

upgraded 82 and project bike Submitted by Jay Sanzone

Dirk Schadewaldt's XZ

Gilles Thibault's 82 Cruising!

submitted by Humber, a neat sketch of his bike complete with saddlebags....

Artists rendering
ROV Logo

Klaus Hellmich's 83 XZ550

Jim Saul's 82

Dave Tysdal's 82

Glen Ilaqua's low milage 83

Jurgen lorenzen's XZ

Glen Walkers 82' Check the headlight out guys....

Dave "Leather" Draper's 83

 John Sables'  82V


Louis-RenÚ SÚnÚchal's XZ

George Young's Custom 82

Marty Rohrbach's 82

Vince Wrights 82 Vision w/Fairing Yep it's an 82!  plus his turbo seca. does anyone know what the seca has in common with the Vision ?

George Hulbert's Collection Including a Vision Dirt Bike.

The Dirt Machine

Gil Cheong's clean looking 82.

Brenden Bruneau's two-tone 82

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