Part Number: PY15

Yamaha XZ550(Vision) V-Twin

Frame No 11U

4-2-1Exhaust Silencer Assembly

Component List:-

Cylinder downpipe No 1 PY15DP1

Cylinder downpipe No 2 PY15DP2

Cylinder downpipe No3 PY15DP3

Cylinder downpipe No 4 PY15DP4

Collector box assemblys PY15CB

Silencer assembly          PY15S

Pinch bolts and nuts         PSNB

 Fitting instructions        PY15FI

N.B: the only extras needed are x4 exhaust port gaskets and a tin of assembly paste

The complete stainless steel exhaust system is available in Full road legal b.s.i. version and race versions. 

The system is guaranteed for the lifetime of the bike, so when the machine is sold the guarantee continues.  No rejetting is usually required for the system.  All parts of the system are available separately.  There is a replaceable baffle available.  These systems are hand made to suit and enhance the look of your machine.

The Predator 4-2-1 exhaust system for YAMAHA'S XZ550 is made to last a lifetime. It is easy to clean as it is made from 16 gauge stainless steel, giving years of trouble free service.  The 1.5mm outer silencer wall has an interchangeable inner cartridge baffle, saving you money unlike other systems with welded in silencer plates.

Disclaimer: This page is purely informational for owners who may be interested in an aftermarket exhaust system

Editors note: This system is top quality and performs quite well, I highly recommend it.