5/2/2012 Yahoo!  More Storage and User Image Gallery added, some site fixes here and there. The old girl is  still holding up after all these years, gotta love it.




7/18/2006 just some general updates, nothing major. some fixes and additions to the gallery. I didn't bother posting during the crash in late april / early may and subsequent moving of the site to a new provider. basically dot.canada fell asleep instead of doing regular maintenance on their servers causing a total of about 2 weeks of outages and some serious frustration on everybody's part. If any of you folks remember, our original hp was located here in massachusetts, the owner died and the company was later sold.  Our new hosting provider is Axishost run by Tina Peters. they've been in the hosting business for many years, are top notch and provide excellent service and support and I can recommend them highly.

12/21/2005 Wow, you guys are too much. <grin>
First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for hanging in there after the site crash, we went through a bit of aggravation for sure.
Second, it's not about the money really as I said in my email, it's about preserving the spirit of the bike and the community we have here on the net. I really do appreciate what you guys do for all the other members trying to maintain and keep an old bike running, roadworthy and safe.
While I am not here every day and certainly get behind doing updates I generally feel that the site and forums are in good hands with you guys watching over so to speak...
Also feel free to give me a nudge or a jab if you see something that needs updating, fixing, changing or whatever.
again much thanks to you guys for supporting the site. and also those who've bought t-shirts etc from the rov store. If anyone has artwork or graphics that they'd like to see on a vision T-shirt or mug etc. please let me know, I'm always up for that.
so Happy Holidays, Merry christmas, happy new year to everyone and Ride Safe.

10/8/2005 well, unfortunately our site has been trashed. from what I can determine, someone with nothing better to do gained access to the site and deleted the contents of the site and forum. unfortunately my hosting provider is being somewhat less than helpful about this problem. while I believe there is/was a security problem here, I've no way to determine who or how it was done. please bear with me as I try to reconstruct the pieces of the puzzle to get everything back. it's likely that we will lose at least a weeks worth of posts on the forum due to the back end databases also being deleted...

5/21/2005 ok folks, we've officially moved into our new site, there are still some details to be worked out but it's ready. I hope everyone likes the improvements we've made. on the news front, there is a revival of the vision in dirt track racing, I'll be posting more information and pictures as I find out more about it. The Memphis Shades/Parts Unlimited racing team have revitalized the xz550 engine and hopefully will be winning some races with it. We here at Riders of Vision wish them the best of luck! Those of you within driving distance of any of the AMA dirt track events should try and get out to support these guys.

The AMA racing schedule link is here:

more about JR Schable

more about the bike:

5/7/2005 The new riders of vision domain and website redesign is under way there are several new features and updates to keep you us up on the latest technology. we've upgraded yabb to smf which is written by some of the same authors. The performance running under sql is greatly improved as well. Searches now complete much faster. we've added Flashchat, a paypal donation button a new FAQ page and have also rewritten the Parts catalog pages.

4/25/2005 yep, another year here in visionland has gone by and it's about time we did some updates!

4/1/2004 some minor updates, added a few more pictures and added Member maps to the forum. This is a trial of the membermap addon and I'm looking for you guys to let me know what you think. feel free to add youself to the map I've added another new design to the t-shirt store as well as a few other items, hats, mugs etc. -Ron

2/292004 ok, all apologies to everyone for taking too long to post new pic's in the gallery. I got involved in a bunch of projects this winter and didn't get a whole lot of time for anything else. a bunch of new pictures are up, a few things fixed here and there, the sun is out, it's still way too cold up here in the northeast to drag the bike out, probably will be until somtime in april but I'm making a list of things to take care of this year. Hope everyone had a good holiday season and is making plans for this upcoming riding season.   Lastly, I've set up a web store for cups, hats T-Shirts etc. This is basically to help fund this site. While I've run this site for almost 5 years, I've never asked for money. This is a non-profit club, and the associated costs of keeping the site running will hopefully be offset with the money from the items you buy. I've set the prices at 1 dollar above what these things cost. I don't expect to make a bunch of money from this, just to help cover some of the expense. If there is artwork or designs that you would like to have, you can go ahead and submit them to me and I will make them available.  The link to the site is: please let me know what you think, I hope you like it.  -Ron

9/1/2003 Well, another summer season is getting near the end, man it went by too fast! I hope everyone has gotten plenty of riding in.I've been in home improvement mode for the past month or so and really haven't done much riding myself. between the honey-do lists :) and the fact that my carbs need to be cleaned out again, it just hasn't happened. as a note, the reason my carbs need to be cleaned again is entirely my fault, the leaky garage roof and the other stuff going on kept me so busy that I didn't prep the bike for the winter as well as I should have last year. there are some new pictures for the gallery going up and I'll probably be doing a bit of a site redesign this fall, time permitting.

4/5/2003 A complete site theme change. I was getting tired of the old look and wanted to give it a fresh face for 2003. it's been a long cold nasty winter here. Although they tell me it's spring, you'd never know it by the weather, I think it went down to 31 last night.  I've created a flash site while testing a neat piece of software for building animation. It's called Swish and is a great alternative to the high priced macromedia tool. there are links to it on the main page. I was hoping to drag the bike out of the garage and start some spring maint. this weekend but the weather is still refusing to cooperate, lastly  based on a suggestion from Lucky I will be setting up a parts resuorce page that people can add part numbers and locations for  hard to find parts along with comments etc.   -Ron

11/22/2002 Wow another season of riding over...  I've finally gotten a chance to sit down and do a quick update. many more pictures for the gallery, including a restoration project from Dave Sulecki. Thanks to everyone who waited patiently to see their pictures posted, I've really been busy with so many projects that I haven't been able to get to this. The forum is busier than ever, there have been some other updates in the community, Leathers Vision FAQ has grown quite a bit as well as Lucky's Vision Resource site. as the off season progresses I'll be doing more updates and possibly some redesigning of the site. If anyone has suggestions they are welcome to drop me a line.

7/21/2002 More eye candy for you gallery afficianados, we've really got quite the collection of bikes now. some updated links, a few details here and there. I can't believe it's July already, the weather has been excellent with some cool nights good for riding. I've got 2 repaired TCI's under my belt now so if anyone is looking to have their dead or ailing TCI unit repaired, feel free to email me at thats all for now...

7/11/2002  I've added many new Links including more places to find parts, Power Sports Pro has parts lists and breakdowns by part number. If someone has done business with these people, let us know what your experience is with them.       There are some minor updates and more pictures in the gallery.

6/2/2202 Well, I guess I've been out of touch for a while, just plain too busy to do any updates, but I haven't heard any complaints so everything must be running ok. I will be posting new pictures to the gallery, along with some updates here and there. Thanks to everyone who sent me pictures they should be up now. If anyone has an updated picture they would like to submit, Go for it. With Laconia Bike Weekend on the horizon, I hope to get the bike ship-shape for the trip, I'll be looking for you at the racetrack on Saturday. Stop by and check out the racing.  thats all for now.

12/29/2001 Complete Site update with some new graphics. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!  so far, AT&T hasn't unplugged their server so the old site is still up and available. I had some problems with the old forum today and wondered if they noticed that we were in the process of moving out... :) Oh well, time to move on. I haven't heard any major compaints about the new board other than it being a pain to sign on the first time. I've updated it to service pack one and that seems to have cleared up some of the minor issues. If you are having any issues with the new board please don't hesitate to send an email to me. I've added some new links and tried to reorganize some of the pages. I hope everyone likes the new theme. I guess that is about it for now, if anyone catches any bad links or typos please let me know. Thanks! -Ron

 12/7/2001 Whoa, December already, guess I better get out the christmas theme... :) Got a letter today from my friends at AT&T (formerly mediaone cablevision) and they inform me that because of the buyout of @HOME cable network, I may lose my homepage. I am so sick of these people pulling this kind of crap. I am setting up a new main site here on While I may or may not continue updating the old location, is where the websites new home will be.

11/30/2001 New forum added to replace the networks54 site. it will be undergoing testing and evaluation for a few weeks while we get some of the bugs out. YABB looks like a solid bbs system and the people who wrote the software are on the ball. The old forum will be hopefully phased out by the first of the year. The old forum has been archived as of 11/30.The link to that is still on the main page.

6/28/2001 Ok, so it's been a while since I've done an update, my apologies to everyone. I'll do my best to stop whining about being too busy. I put a few miles on the beast this week and found that the new exhaust has really made a difference in the performance, especially through the midrange. I noticed I've got some weeping from the water pump breather, Nothing serious so far but I'll be looking to do the water pump before any major trips. Has anyone done a waterpump replacement/reseal on one of these? The job doesn't look too tough, just time consuming I'm sure. As far as updates go; there are some new pictures up and Oh Yes, aother Celebrity in our midst. Steven Fahey AAMRR Vision Racer. He's won at least one first place on an 82 Vision way back in 1983. You can find a picture of it in the Gallery. Lastly, to Robert Friend, I'd lost the picture of you and Spunky back in december but finally found it and it's now up in the Gallery. How cold was it that day... -Ron

5/1/2001 Spring Fever has hit hard, It's almost 80 degrees here today. Hopefully I'll be able to pull the bike out and get some riding in. The usual updates, forum archive etc. Time permitting, I should be able to do some more updates to the site.  I've got a new scanner and am looking for more pictures if anyone has something they want to submit...  -Ron

3/12/2001 Wow, I can't believe 3 months have gone by since the last update.  I've been so busy at work I haven't had time to do much with the web site. By now some of you are probably starting to get your bike ready for spring. It's still pretty cold here and will probably be for another month or so. In other news, the site is gone, they've gone away from offering free sites. I may be looking for another backup site in the future. Thats about it for now,  -Ron

12/1/200 Nothing much happening here, the bike is put away due to the cold weather, I've added more pictures to the gallery, Ken Stuarts 82 with a Hannigan full-fairing, this looks like a nice option, especially for long trips. The archive is updated, also networks54 has finally added a search option to the forum, thats all for now. -Ron    

10/31/2000 This is the first chance I've had in ages to update the site, been way too busy lately with everything going on at work to do much of anything. As you may have heard the Predator exhaust system came showed up at my door in just under a month and was well worth the wait. If an exhaust system for a bike could be called art, this is it.A real piece of crafstmanship. It installed pretty much without incident and sounds incredible! The weather was excellent right through October and I had to take a mental health day last week to get some riding in! yahoo! I took a romp down the coast to check out the scenery and give the bike one final ride before I put her away for the winter sleep. Added some more pic's for the gallery, including an autographed one of Jeff Swan's Vision racer, check it out! backups of the forum etc. The latest newsletter is here, don't miss out, join the club if your not a member yet, get your dues in asap. -Ron

9/10/200 Added AMA Columnist Bill Wood's great column about selling his Vision, Added some carb diagrams from the service manual, I'm sure these will be helpful! ...playing with some graphics changes while I wait for the Predator system to be built. ...will hopefully be adding some more pages to the technical area as well. -Ron

8/15/2000 Many more pictures added to the gallery, I will be ordering the predator system hopefully this week. so anyone waiting for my review should hear about my experience shortly. Also, with website reliability being what it is, I've set up two more mirror sites. you'll have to deal with banner ads etc. but at least the main pages will be available. the locations are: and   -Ron

8/4/2000 The website is at it's new location here on mediaone's server. If anyone is having a speed problem downloading the page please let me know - Thanks.

7/10/2000 I've started the process of moving the website to it's new home to mediaone. I've got more room for gallery pictures and the performance is better.    

7/9/2000 I'm trying to put together a group buy for the Predator exhaust system's in hopes of saving a few bucks off of the price. currently it will cost about 600.00 us to purchase one of these but with the quality and the guarantee it looks like it should be worth it. I hate going into something like this without some idea of how well it will fit the sound and the performance numbers. What I hope to do is have my bike dyno'd once I have it installed to see what the hard numbers look like. If anyone is interested in buying one of these, please send me an email as soon as you can. I don't want to put a time limit on it but I would like to get the order in as soon as possible. I'm told that they will take a credit card payment so that is helpful. Again, if anyone is interested in a new Predator Stainless Steel system please caontact me at: asap!.                                                     

6/3/2000 I just recieved an email with pictures and information on the Predator Stainless steel exhaust system. It looks pretty impressive! I'm told that the going price is about 310 in pounds that roughly translates to about 500us dollars. While this is not inexpensive, it is a superior quality unit. I've rearranged some of the pages on the web site to better group related items and will be hopefully adding more material to the technical pages soon.

5/28/2000 a few updates, I've added some new links including one for rebuilt Stators and other electrical items. Also a new forum archive to bring it up to date. I noticed it was down for a while today, I'm also in the process of writing a script that will automatically pull a fresh archive off of the website using MS Word 2000 and vbscript.. If there is any interest in having a copy of the script please email me.

4/17/2000  I've updated the main header with some new graphics and some other changes that have been due. It's starting to really take shape now.

The forum is busier than ever and I'll be doing another archive soon. is now a mirror site in the event that one of the sites is down.  Lastly Spring is finally here.. time to get busy on those bikes!!

 4/9/2000 a few minor details here and there... yes that is a tank bag on the 83.... I'd forgotten to take it off the bike before the shoot. :)

3/31/200 A couple more pictures added to the gallery, some other little things fixed etc. I will hopefully be adding some more club information and maybe a membership sign up form... soon.

 3/12/2000 Some small things fixed and added. If anyone has any material, pictures, a ride report, or even technical info they might like to contribute, go ahead and email it to Jeff or to this address:     Thanks.

2/21/2000 Still working on it,I'm looking for suggestions from club members on what they would like to see here on this site, I've still got several more things to add and finally have a bit of a breather from other projects to do some more updating.                                          Lastly, I'd like to thank the members for their kind words on the improvements to our website.

2/20/200 - I finally am getting some of the things done that have been bugging me, some new links and pictures have been added. Also I've archived the contents of the forum from way back in October of 1998 to early February. I may have lost some email address in the conversion but it's a simple text file, downloadable as a .ZIP file or as a self extracting executable. 

2/19/2000  well, here it is, 2:30am on fri night, I'm beat and have done enough for today. I've still got many more things to update.

2/17/2000  Major site overhaul  

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