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Title: Happy New Year
Post by: Prophet Of Doom on January 01, 2017, 06:41:15 AM
Happy New Year to all my RoV buddies.
Let's hope 2017 is the best year yet!  Keep posting those Vision adventures - no matter how small.
Title: Re: Happy New Year
Post by: Walt_M. on January 01, 2017, 10:19:28 AM
Happy new year as well. Just returned from my annual new year's day ride. Got to ride both the RZ and the Vision. Did the 19.6 mile loop on both. I would have gone farther but there is rain coming and it is too cool out to be wet.
Title: Re: Happy New Year
Post by: fiat-doctor on January 01, 2017, 10:34:29 AM
Happy New Year to all!!!!

Didn't get to ride, we had a small snow fall last night.

The Vision is nearly back on the road after a long rest while I took waaay too much time on some upgrades.
I guess the only upgrade was a Polaris sourced series regulator that works excellent in conjunction with a RM stator.
I have the R1 rotors mounted and finishing the brackets for SV650 calipers.

Wishing us all a great new year with more riding, less working :)

Title: Re: Happy New Year
Post by: fret not on January 01, 2017, 02:37:09 PM
New Year's greetings to all!  Too chilly here and expecting snow and rain within an hour or so, so . . . no ride for me today.  I will do a bit more prep work for getting my intake manifolds welded up to accommodate the 36mm Kehin carbs from a Yamaha Thunder Cat (YZF600r).  This bike is still a long range project, but each step gets me that much closer to riding it.

Recently got front rotors from a R6, and already had a set of calipers from a 650 V-strom, which I think are the same as for the SV650.  I'm thinking that one rotor and the better caliper will provide sufficient braking, and should help handling.  I am a bit reticent to put 2 rotors and calipers on because of the added un-sprung weight.  I recall vividly the difference in feel when I changed from the stock 4 leading shoe front brake on my Yamaha TR2 (the brake weighed 14+ kilos, or 34lbs.) to light weight discs and calipers.  Going over rough pavement while leaned over went from choppy and unstable to feeling like it was on a rail.  I realize the weight difference between one and two disc brakes on the XZ are not as dramatic as going from the monster 4 leading shoe brake to the light disc brakes on the TR2, but the concept still weighs on my judgement.  Other aspects may well temper my decision making before I get it on the road.

Title: Re: Happy New Year
Post by: Jirik on January 03, 2017, 07:49:56 AM
Happy New Year to all and many, many lucky kilometers and miles on all roads!

I'm sending you Pour féliciter wish. Not with XZ, which is sleeping now, but with my another daily oldtimer bike JAWA.
This is from Christmas Day, I rode and had fun in hills and meadows around village.
Title: Re: Happy New Year
Post by: Walt_M. on January 03, 2017, 02:13:23 PM
Wow, a twin pipe on street tires, awesome.