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Title: PG&E Power
Post by: fret not on October 30, 2019, 06:46:09 PM
Well, tonight I can have a hot shower!  Been out of electric power for a few days because of potential wind problems in the electric distribution lines.  Been 'camping' here at home.  At least I have a Coleman camp stove that works, so I can have coffee in the mornings and heat something for dinner each evening.  It has been sunny and chilly, 60F here in my office at 3:23pm, it has warmed up by 6 degrees F since this morning. 

I guess it's human nature to take advantage of a situation, in this case it is gasoline prices.  As soon as the power was cut the prices seem to have spiked over night from around $3.39 per gallon where it has floated for the past month or so to $4.00 or more.  When power was cut most of the gas stations had to close (need power for computers, modern cash registers, gas pumps, etc.). 

Traffic signals often not functioning.  When this happens you are supposed to treat the intersection as a 4 way stop, and fortunately most folks are compliant, but traffic really backs up on busy roads when the signals are not working.  It really helps to know where all the back roads go, what roads they connect with and where they come out.  It REALLY helps when the signals are working.
Title: Re: PG&E Power
Post by: Walt_M. on October 31, 2019, 07:29:38 AM
We have similar situations here during hurricane related power outages. treat intersections as 4-way stop when the lights aren't working then when power is restored they go back to running the reds as normal.
Title: Re: PG&E Power
Post by: fret not on November 26, 2019, 10:09:35 PM
Our weather has taken a turn toward Winter now as it is snowing here.  It was only a couple weeks ago that I cut an oak tree down, and the fresh green leaves dried out in a couple days.  The leaves dried quickly in the heat and would crumble to dust when crushed in my hand.  That was then, and now it is snowing.  I have been yearning to be working in my shop but had to manage all the other pressing issues that demand to be first in line.  Now it is beginning to look like I may be able to have some shop time soon.  Actually, I have been sneaking a few minutes here and there, to chip away at some instrument repairs in order to clear out the last of my business obligations and get working on my XZ.  I have the triple clamps to work on, brakes to mount and find a disc to fit and find a suitable master cylinder, the carburetors to finalize, fairing to prep and paint, etc.  Lots of things to do but there seems to be less time to do them.  Anyway, there seems to be some light  ahead, so I am headed that way.   :)
Title: Re: PG&E Power
Post by: cvincer on November 27, 2019, 05:33:35 AM
It was so cheap, on a gamble  I bought one of these on ebay........looks good, looked the right size....unfortunately it arrived after I'd sold the bike.

Title: Re: PG&E Power
Post by: fret not on January 01, 2020, 04:11:49 PM
How did I miss this post?  Do you know what the diameter of the piston/bore is of your master cylinder?  I need a 13mm bore, could make a 14mm bore work.  The link you posted does not ship to USA.  I know there are several offers on the internet from China.  I would prefer a used part from a production bike, as the motorcycle manufacturers have to keep up the quality for liability reasons.  The general offers on eBay etc. for 'new' parts are not required to meet such stringent standards, and in my mind are at least somewhat suspect.  The soft parts (seals, etc.) are generally the key.  If they are made of industrial quality material appropriate for the application then they should be good to use. :police:
Title: Re: PG&E Power
Post by: motoracer8 on February 16, 2020, 02:36:13 PM
 Mike. I rebuilt the MC on my Norton to 13mm from 5/8. It was a kit I got from Vintage Brake. Made a big difference.
Title: Re: PG&E Power
Post by: fret not on February 16, 2020, 05:31:04 PM
Hi Ken,
I got a rebuild kit from AllBalls to my door for less than $10. to rebuild the original MC.  I had discounted the original MC because it was pretty beat up and corroded, but when I looked at it seriously and actually measured the bore I decided to see if I could make it work.  It has been soaking in brake fluid for a week and still the paint isn't blistering, but it does scrape off with a screwdriver tip.  I would like to know what ingredients are in that paint.

Bit by bit the project creeps along.