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Title: It's Been A While
Post by: Bill on January 31, 2021, 07:37:43 PM
Been a few years years since I've been on this forum since I sold my yellow Vision.  Hadn't thought too much about the old girl until one day I get a letter from a tow yard in Seattle.... they had my motorcycle (the Vision) and I owed several hundred dollars storage and it was accumulating at $50.00 a day and that if I didn't pay they were going to send me to collection!  "Hold on", I said.  "I sold that bike years ago."  The junk yard said it was still in my name.  Seems like the new owner never registered it and somehow it was picked up by the tow company, years later, as an abandoned vehicle.  The new owners probably couldn't get it to start and probably didn't deserve to be Vision owners if they couldn't deal with the eccentricities of a Vision.  The tow company was anything but understanding and their letter and subsequent phone call seemed like a threatening shakedown.  Luckily, and I mean very luckily, I had filled out the report of sale with the state and was finally able to get a copy and fend off the tow company.  I felt like I had found a wooden stake and silver bullet all rolled into one.  I thought about going to get it.  It might have only cost me a few hundred bucks but after a minute I decided there was bad karma now and I only wanted to remember my yellow Vision as a beautiful bike I rescued with the help of this forum.  I'm still grateful.
Title: Re: It's Been A While
Post by: skucera on January 31, 2021, 11:00:32 PM
Funny, but decades ago I had some young guys show up at my house with their mother about two years after I sold an old VW Bug.  The kid I sold my Bug to had taken the rather rare sunroof body off of my very rusty chassis and put his old body on my rusty old chassis.  Then he sold that gawdgwful mess to a pair of 15-year-olds as a "fixer-upper."  The kid I sold my car to never registered the sale.  I happily signed the lost title form for the boys and sent them on their happy way.  I think the mom was grumpy at her boys wasting perfectly good money on a rusty old Bug with a bad title, but she was relieved when I signed it over.

Title: Re: It's Been A While
Post by: jefferson on February 02, 2021, 10:27:31 PM
I had that happen with an FZR 400 that I sold not once, but twice. Never got titled by either party and I got a call from a tow lot. They told me the charges which wasn't bad and they were very happy that I picked it up. The guy had been running from the cops and somehow he got my name and number. Wasn't pleased about that. He was a real neer do well. I told him what it would cost him for me to go pick it up and then he shows up with some other guy he was trying to sell it to, but he had to pay me first. I think the guy sensed a scam and backed out. He eventually came up with the money and I sold it back to him. Made a little bit for my time and trouble. I always get a state form filled out when I sell something to prove I sold it so I don't get stuck with a huge tow to bill and they can come back on you for the other things you own.