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Title: Thanks Lucky!
Post by: glennw on September 09, 2002, 12:47:33 PM
Since I have gone through the rest of the Vision and it was starting to run progressively worse, I decided it was time to rebuild the carbs. Maybe I could have done as I used to rebuild automotive carbs along time ago. I decided I didn?t want to screw with it. I went to my local independent shop (whom I trust implicitly) and the estimated about 3-4 hours labor + parts ($48.00 an hour). Ouch.
I saw on this site something about Lucky rebuilding carbs. After an e-mail or two I sent my carbs off to the east coast.
Lucky gave me a choice.. Wait three or four weeks for mine to be rebuilt or pay some more for the carbs off his 82. Not wanted to miss anymore of the summer riding I took the ?instant? option. To make a long story short, $140.00 and one week later I had the bike running. My V has never run this good. He also patently help me dial in all the little adjustments for my particular bike. I would recommend his Carb service to anybody on this site.
Title: Re: Thanks Lucky!
Post by: Lucky on September 09, 2002, 02:57:54 PM
Just a note:
It generally doesn't take me 3-4 weeks to do a carb., usually about a week, i just thought I was moving at the time, but those plans have changed.  Also, basic price for the rebuild is $60 (plus avg $20 shipping each way) but I had sold Glen the set off my 82 that I had spent extra time polishing all the screws, bracketts, etc.  That's why that particular one was more $$

Thanks for the kind words Glenn!
Title: Re: Thanks Lucky!
Post by: timovision on September 10, 2002, 07:51:40 AM
Just wanted to add in another thanks to Lucky to go with Glenn's.  I posted a question on cleaning/ putting carbs back together the other day and Lucky had some good advice. I put the spankin' clean carbs back on the V and it runs better than it has in a long time. For all you out there who've been having starting/stumbling problems, don't just go for the quickie carb cleaner option.  It pays in the end to completely dissasemble the carbs ESPECIALLY ACCELERATOR PUMP AND SPRAY NOZZLES (ball and weight).  Thanks again for the advice Lucky....finally I'm riding again! ;D
Title: Re: Thanks Lucky!
Post by: Bryan on September 16, 2002, 02:24:16 PM
A few months ago I had a engine hick -up problem.  Engine ran fine as long as I had the hammer down but as soon as I let off she caughed like bitch.  I was scared to to pull the carbs off so I ran sea foam through the the tank for about 25 miles.  ;) BAM!  Back in business.  She ran for two months no problem'o.  then, BAM!
"Same chit Mahn"!  Tried the sea foam again and no luck!  So yesterday I pulled the carbs off (removed plastic and rubber parts) and dropped them in the B-12 bucket (per Luckies web site).  They are still soaking.  But I tell ya I took apart a Briggs and stratten carb in High School but these bad boys scare the shit outa me.  Just pray I can get them put back together OK.  I'm thinking now that I should have mailed them to lucky! :)
Title: Re: Thanks Lucky!
Post by: Lucky on September 16, 2002, 04:00:18 PM
A note of caution on the Chemtool carb dip.  I have tried leaving Very Dirty Carbs in there overnight and have found on 2 occasioions that for some reason the emultion tubes wouldn't go all the way back into their bores unless i soaked both the carb body and tube in water overnight.  I can see no reason that a chemical reaction would cause these parts to "swell", but then i'm not a chemist...
soaking them in water seemed to "cure" the problem, but it could have been coincidence too.  ???

Also, I hoped you remembered to pull the rubber seals from the throttle shafts.  putting the butterfly plates back in properly can be a bit of a trick, but a magnetic screwdriver, and a small tapered punch or awl will help line up the holes.  be sure to use Locktite blue on the threads of these tiny screws. you don't want them dropping into the cylinders!! (or locking the carbs into a full throttle position)

if you did forget to pull these seals, don't frett too much, i think their made of some kind of resiliant rubber, because my original set of carbs (still on the bike now) I failed to pull theses seals and they sat in the dip several days.  they seem fine, and the bike runs great.

Again, thanks for the kind words.
Title: Re: Thanks Lucky!
Post by: Cdnlouie on September 28, 2002, 08:57:40 PM
Great to have a carburetor expert on the team.  I am interested in giving my carbs a new lease on life this winter after an initial cleaning when I purchased the bike this fall.  I would love to have a gasket kit, o-rings and possibly accelerator pump back-up just for peace of mind.  Is there such an animal out there?
Title: Re: Thanks Lucky!
Post by: Rick G on September 29, 2002, 12:12:16 PM
Hi Louie,  Carb gaskets are no longer available. But Lucky and I make them up to order. orings can be matched at most good auto parts stores, On the old forum, some one reported matching the accerator pump diaphram at their local lawn mower shop. many small engines use diaphram  type carbs.