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Title: Thanks Lucky!
Post by: glennw on September 09, 2002, 12:45:22 PM
Since I have gone through the rest of the Vision and it was starting to run progressively worse, I decided it was time to rebuild the carbs. Maybe I could have done it, as I used to rebuild automotive carbs along time ago. I decided I didn?t want to screw with it. I went to my local independent shop (whom I trust implicitly) and they estimated about 3-4 hours labor + parts (at $48.00 an hour). Ouch.
I saw on this site something about Lucky rebuilding carbs. After an e-mail or two I sent my carbs off to the east coast.
Lucky gave me a choice.. Wait three or four weeks for mine to be rebuilt or pay some more for the carbs off his 82. Not wanted to miss anymore of the summer riding I took the ?instant? option. To make a long story short, $140.00 and one week later I had the bike running. My V never run this good. He also patently help me dial in all the little adjustment for my particular bike. I would recommend his Carb service to anybody on this site.
Title: Re: Thanks Lucky!
Post by: Lucky on September 09, 2002, 02:57:00 PM
Just a note:
It generally doesn't take me 3-4 weeks to do a carb., usually about a week, i just thought I was moving at the time, but those plans have changed.  Also, basic price for the rebuild is $60 (plus avg $20 shipping each way) but I had sold Glen the set off my 82 that I had spent extra time polishing all the screws, bracketts, etc.  That's why that particular one was more $$

Thanks for the kind words Glenn!